Our Blockchain consulting service are defined based on the Enterprise framework like Togaf, Zachman and others we make sure it carries through process before transforming. We first find out most relevant user case to make your blocks or smart contracts a profitable asset.  

Blockchain technology is introduced as a decentralized, trust less, and immutable database. We are expert in building the consensus by implementing the distributed network of nodes, and the most successful consensus algorithm.   We have experience in developing  Block chain-based solutions to trade energy between households , or a Bitcoin-based application which allows for energy trading, building solutions for micro payments for transactions as well as the general limitations of the Bitcoin network such as transaction speed.

Before the implementation can be started we first identify and map the need with the industry successful cases,  we can start blockchain implementation, it’s imperative that we first identify your real blockchain needs

First of all, it is crucial to understand the blockchain application catalogue. Defining the application of blocks will work in the chain of a network. With the definition of the application we then make the data ingestion framework to automate data processing to lake in integrated mode and preparing the result set for the blockchan.

We are not limited to python however we have experts for each programming language, as well as client vision and eco system alignment we prepare the team of expect. . We make decentralized peer-to-peer transactions simple.


The protocol operates on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The architecture consists nodes. Devices connecting to a network.


Secondly, we have Blocks. Files where transaction data is recorded. Hence, a block is like a page of a ledger or record book. Once written it is closed.


Consequently a block is stored in a database (distributed ledger). Transactions do share, replicate and synchronize assets or data within the network.


Most important are miners. Mining is the mechanism of decentralized security. Miners validate new transactions within the blocks.


Consequently to miners we’ll find a consensus in the network. A fault-tolerant mechanism to achieve the agreement among blocks.


Finally, miners do complete transactions with a proof of work. While we can use different schemes like SHA-256, Scrypt, etc.

Let’s partner to optimize the operation using economical technology solutions.